About me

About me

Helga Imhasly

Certified Emotion Code and Body Code and Belief Code practitioner

I experience how life improves and changes in the positive way for everybody who gets engaged

Since the time I practice the Emotion Code/Body Code Therapy (since the beginning of 2016), I have seen many positive changes, renewals and improvements, not only in my personal life, but also in people’s live who with their interest and willingness helped me gain this experience, for which I am tremendously grateful for.

From an early age I am drawn to the invisible, mystical, spiritual and energetic characteristics of the healing process. Personally, I have experienced traumatic diseases several times. Why? What was the cause? Who knows that, everyone has different constellations of cause and its continuation, and how one is shaped by live. With the Emotion Code/Body Code and Belief Code Therapy, Dr. Bradley Nelson, has given us a powerful tool to not only find and resolve the cause, but also the circumstances that led to the cause and shaped our lives.

As an Emotion Code/Body Code/Belief Code practitioner, I am aware that I am only an instrument, because healing can only come from a higher energy (some call it God). In this awareness I help you with love, gratitude and trust in the Divine, releasing your blockages to bring you back into harmony with your self and your life.

I look forward to a journey together to more health, love and abundance in your life.

«It is fantastic how Hegla is able to dissolve inner energy blocks. I fell freer and lighter after my therapy session. Helga is wonderful. Thank You!»


«The first step toward healing from anxiety and depression is to remove the Heart-Wall»

Dr. Bradley Nelson