Emotion Code / Body Code / Belief Code sessions

General information about the session

All forms of possible sessions include the identification and resolution of energetic imbalances.

  • Heart wall
  • Trapped emotions
  • and other energetic imbalances

Belief Code is used to dissolve and possibly replace belief systems with negative programs, limiting, limiting beliefs, false core beliefs and false core identities.

After each session you will receive a written report by email detailing what has been resolved and/or corrected.

Please note that this treatment does not replace a visit to the doctor, medical clarification or treatment.

Zoom, telephone sessions

Online sessions are conducted via Zoom or telephone (also Facetime, Whatsapp… on request).

Email sessions

You provide me with your topic and I will conduct the session for you at the desired time and then send you the minutes by e-mail.

Book a session manually

and pay with TWINT or by invoice

You don’t want to pay with Paypal or credit card? Then you can also send me your booking request here.

To book a session for you, I need your preferred date: In the online booking steps above, you can view the available dates by clicking on«Buchen». Please enter here in the form which date would suit you.

Booking request

Appointments that are canceled later than 24 hours before the booked offer are subject to a fee. Read the general terms and conditions:

Cancellations/postponements of appointments

Please notify me at least 24 hours in advance if you are unable to keep the appointment. / +41(79) 758 30 33

Health insurance participation

The EmotionsCode / BodyCode / Belief Code services are NOT included in the health insurance catalog and are therefore not covered by health insurance.


These fee rates apply from 2022, although I reserve the right to change them without prior notice.

«The Body Code is a wonderful, modern form of therapy. In addition to the feeling of lightness, I was very surprised at the rapid reduction in my slightly high diastolic blood pressure. After just one session, the values were back in the normal range and have remained constant so far. Great!»


«Ihren alten emotionalen Ballast abzuwerfen, kann Ihnen Ausgeglichenheit, innere Ruhe und tiefgreifende Heilung verschaffen, wie nie etwas anderes zuvor.»

Dr. Bradley Nelson